The District Council Of Pamplemousses

+Morisson Road (Near Cab Office), Pamplemousses

((230) 2438300

6(230) 2431452

Situated in the northern region of the country, The District Council of Pamplemousses has 18 villages under its jurisdiction.  The objectives of the Council is to meet the growing demands and needs of the people through a wide range of service. The Council also aims at keeping pace with innovations and extended development taking place in the area.  By maintaining constant contact with the customers, the council targets to deliver efficient and prompt service.

Mission Statement

The District Council of Pamplemousses is committed to provide top quality service coupled with courtesy and honesty.  The 150,000 Mauritians living within the District remain the centre of attention at all times.


Arsenal, Baie du Tombeau, Calebasses, Congomah, Crève Coeur, D’Epinay, Fond du Sac, Le Hochet, Long Mountain, Notre Dame, Morcellement St. André, Pamplemousses, Terre Rouge, Plaine des Papayes, Villabague, Triolet


Mr. Deeraj Sookur

Vice- Chairperson

Miss. Deeksha Bundhoo

Chief Exectuive

Mr. Rajkoomar Gangadeen