The Association Of District Councils regroup all district councils of Mauritius. We are a special interest group of the local authories of the rural areas, and provide a national voice for district councils. We lobby all concerned stakeholders on behalf of our members, providing support, and sharing best practices to enhance service provided to inhabitants.

ADC Priority Areas

Future of public services in localities

District Councils to play a leading role in defining the future of local authorities and to put the districts at the heart of devolution where they shall be the foundation of new devolutionary communities for the benefit of inhabitants and regions under their jurisdiction.

Development and Planning

ADC works towards honing the districts to play a major role in national productivity through a smooth and effective planning system – developing businesses, housing and other economic entities.


Welfare of the Communities

District councils play a key role in promoting health, social care and sports activities. We want to ensure that we deliver better outcomes for our young generation, also not forgetting our elders.

Equitable Financing

The ADC supports reforms to local government finance which support local decision-making, enhance self-sufficiency and provide incentives for growth.


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