The District Council of Rivière du Rempart

+Royal Road, Mapou

(230) 266-2095

(230) 266-1405

The district of Rivière du Rempart spreads over more than 150 square kilometres in the north-east region of the island.  It has large agricultural and fertile land, boasts some of the most attractive tourist facilities and commercial areas and is an area of fast-developing growth.

Like the other rural Local Authorities, The District Council of Riviere du Rempart too is a corporate body.
Presently, this Council consists of 22 members. The Chairman and his deputy are elected every two years from among the members. Both can ran for a second term.

The Council personnel is made up of around 710 employees. Though the Council is the employer, hiring and firing is done by the Local Government Service Commission.
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Mr. Goorooduth Chukun

Vice- Chairperson

Mr. Arjoon Bhooneshwarsing

Chief Executive

Mr. D. Gopaul